About Us



Student Republic is a highly dynamic company with a mission to create the best experience for our members. Our aim is to provide agreeable accommodation in a friendly environment at affordable prices.

Our residences are not only modern and attractive, they're also a great place to work, relax, socialize and meet new people. There's a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a real community spirit.

We believe that you will find a new home at our residencies and fall in love with a beautiful Prague.


Moving to another country and embarking on a degree is an exciting challenge. We will provide you a new home without stress and extra costs. All our living facilities have all inclusive fees. Living in our residencies provide you a great opportunity to explore the city and always stay mobile due to our locations. We have high security standards and always there for you.


We believe that by creating safe and friendly environment for our members will help you to live happier, engage and develop as a strong community. We never stop learning and always open for new suggestions and support from our members. By understanding and accepting we can deliver a better service.


We want to share the best experience with you! CONTACT US.